14. Question 10. I've got all this information, but where do I start?

A good question, in fact, it's obvious looking through this report and all of the other manuals I you have access. We've tried to put everything in the best order we possibly can, from where we believe it's easiest and quickest to start for you. However, you may have noticed that a lot of the sections we've covered already link to previous sections in many ways. Unfortunately this is something that had to be done when writing these reports or you'd have everything in duplicate.

With regard to online marketing, no matter where you are in your career, the starting place is always the same. No matter if you have a stash of affiliates or a big list and previous customers already, in fact that's great. Whatever you do, don't feel like you have to ditch everything and start all over again. This is not the case. I would say that all businesses start with five things. An idea and a desire to develop that idea, the tools you need to do so, the preparation and groundwork to make it all possible, a budget, and a market for your product.

Without an idea you're going nowhere. With a good idea, on the other hand, you're on your way to multiple products that you can create and sell at different prices that will no doubt spawn other ideas. If you want to take things further, you need to keep your mind open, and always look at ways of developing and evolving that original idea into the best possible form for the people who are going to be buying it and spawning more ideas from your original plan.

Before you get started you're also going to need the tools that will form the basis of your business. Like we mentioned in the creating a base for your business report, there really isn't much out there that you literally need to be successful. The only things that you'll really need to shell out for are, an affiliate script or membership, access to tracking tools, and autoresponders to maintain your list. That's really very little compared to the earning potential that they bring you.

What's more, they're all one off purchases that you won't have to spend money on over and over again. This is a pretty good deal when you consider in most peoples eyes you need to shell out for promotion on top of that. We now know that this is not the case at all. This is also relevant to your budget, which doesn't have to be huge.

Once those tools are set up, that’s most of your preparation and groundwork done. All you need to do is slot a product into your sales system each time and off you go.

Lastly a target market. Someone to sell your products to. Unless you're super brainy and come up with a totally original idea, it's likely there are other products out there already trying to solve the same problems for it's customers. Do some research to check out the competition, but don't be overwhelmed by it all. There's plenty of space for everyone. And hey, competition for your brand new idea is a good thing, because this means there's already a market for your product, and people with access to the customers that you need to be getting in touch with to sell it. This should put your mind at ease straight away.

Lastly, and most importantly, wherever you decide to start, please do start. We're here giving you all this information but you must do something with it. Ask yourself, in the last six months, how far has my business moved forward? Then ask yourself how far do you want to move forward in the next six months. Do you really want to repeat everything at the same speed, or could you knuckle down and get double, triple or even quadruple the amount of work done through eliminating distractions and focusing on the solution not the problem. That's totally in your hands now, but do start. Start today.

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