13. Question 9. I don't want my own products I just want to promote affiliate programs, but how?

As you may have guessed this question is going to be very similar to the previous question relating to what you can sell if you don't have your own product. My advice would be, again, to create your own product. Even if you don't want one, it's amazing how much additional promotion power your own product gives you and all the resources it can bring in. I think what we need to ask here is why don't you want your own product? I can understand how cool it must be to think about being able to just mail your list and rake in the cash without doing any additional work, but you're really selling yourself short if you go straight for this option.

There are however two instances where it is actually possibly to do this. That's either you've already got yourself a load of resources and a big list to promote to through previous products, or you manage to get yourself in at the top of a really big program that everyone joins, and you're just that good at 'recruiting' and building your down line.

If you're not, the best way to learn is your own products and you can always go all out affiliate promotion later when you have resources tailored to that need. If you've been told that it's as easy as plunging in a load of your cash for leads and hits and stuff, forget all that. It's just not true unless you're planning to spend many thousands, which I don't see why anyone would, because there are plenty of faster, more effective ways to do this, with your own product. Have I sold you on that yet? The other alternative is search engine marketing, however that’s a whole course in itself and a totally different subject matter altogether.

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