Facelifts will no longer be limited to mere cosmetic alterations. No, I am not contemplating a plastic surgery; I was referring to what Mr. Ratan Tata had said in an interview regarding the changing face of his cars. And anyway, facelifts don't apply to ogres like me, once an ogre always an ogre. Speaking of facelifts, no Tata car has ever received a transformation as complete as the one the Sumo has.

The Sumo Grande is how the 21st century Tata family car will look like. It is a big bulky chunk of metal riding high on testosterone; the Grande is as butch as any SUV you will find plying on the road today. I can already envisage a horde of farmers in Haryana making a beeline to the nearest Tata showroom. When Rata Tata had stated that facelifts would no longer just be cosmetic alterations to bumper and new wheels, he meant exactly that.

The Sumo Grande has nothing on it, which could connect it to the earlier version. It looks like a completely different car. If you see a big bright SUV with a snazzy front radiator grille extending all the way down to the chin, simple and smooth side cladding and a futuristic posterior minus a defined bumper, don't mistake it for some expensive imported SUV, because it will in most likelihood be our very own Desi Sumo Grande.

The interior of the Grande keeps pace with the exterior in terms of style and quality; it is very elegant and well toned. The beige interiors and fabric upholstery lend an air of refinement and wealth to the Grande, and the faux wood centre console is top notch. With features like CD player, air-con, power steering, back seat headrest, a 2+2+2-seating configuration and accessory power outlet, the Grande doesn't leave one craving for a better SUV.

The best part about the Grande though is not the looks and the features but the heart, aka the engine. The 2179cc turbocharged diesel engine is highly refined and performs at par with its cousin the Safari. It is economical and competent performer on all terrains. But there is a flipside to every coin, with no ABS and airbags; the Grande is as barren in terms of safety as a certain Mr. Anupam Kher's head is in terms of hair. But do not let this bog you down, because at the price range of Rupees 6.7 lakhs and Rupees 7.68 lakhs, the Grande is an excellent buy and screams its guts out in terms of value for money, performance and comfort.

Source : Full Throttle
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