For the last decade, there has been one car which has been constantly busting its backside off ferrying us mortal humans to and from the airport, train stations, bus terminals, call centres and god knows where. As it so happens, when one gets used to something they tend to take it for granted, and this is what exactly happened to the first lady of the taxi world - the Tata Indica. But the times of reformation has set-upon the Tata Motors camp resulting in major surgical operations on their four-wheelers.

First to go on the operation table was the Tata Safari, which was followed by the Indigo. The latest recipient of the Dicor heart transplant is our taxi numero uno, the Indica. With a new refined engine under its hood, the old girl has blossomed into a nifty performer and all of a sudden the whole world is looking at it for the first time as a car they would love to take home.

The Indica Dicor DLG, the latest avatar of the Indica is the kind of car the common Indian man could do with. It is excellent value for money, solid performer and quite driver friendly, time to put pen to cheque Sharma Ji. The Dicor is a complete look alike of the regular Indica; they look so alike that one might mistake it for a Kumbh Ka Mela kind of case. The only thing perhaps which differentiates the Dicor from the lesser Indica's is the Dicor badge which adorns its posterior.

The interior has remained more or less untouched as well, closer introspection though brings to light the plastic material and the finishing, which has been considerably improved upon. But it looks like Tata paid more heed to the engine factor.

Someone should have knocked some sense into them to make the seats better positioned and the gearshift user-friendlier. Tatas thought it is the heart that matters the most and in the case of the Indica DLG, the heart has a Delphi 1600 bar common rail system that injects gasoline instead of blood. Although refined from the engine of the Indica Turbo, it still is a bit cranky and has quite a distance to cover before it catches up with the likes of the Swift LDI and VDI. Fuel economy, which has always been a Knight in shinning armor for Indica still, holds the fort strong though.

One can either hate the Indica Dicor or love it, but ignore it at your own peril. If you ask me if the Indica Dicor is a good buy, I will say yes. Watch out Swift because the old lady is back and back with a vengeance.

Source: Full Throttle
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