Happy days are here for all those men like me running high on testosterone. The new Ford Endeavour Thunder+ is here. With its advent the Indian SUV segment has received a major jolt in the right direction. It reeks of raw power, attitude and charisma. It is the quintessential bad boy of the Indian SUV world; pay no heed to it at your own risk. The Thunder+ is a beast whose bestiality rubs off on the driver the proper way; it is the kind of car, which exudes confidence and makes one feel like taking to the mountains and the wilderness. Thank god for the Endeavour Thunder+ I say, because it is exactly what the doctor ordered for the serious Indian offroading cult.

The Thunder+ remains more or less unchanged in terms of looks. The 'Hurricane Gear', that one has to buy in addition to the existing Endeavour model, which included the rear ladder, rear watcher, front bumper over-rider, side decals, rear wheel lock & cover, and the roof rack, comes as standard fittings in the Thunder+. And plus it is for sure. As the Thunder+ comes with the puddle lamps and rear view exterior mirror with turn indicators also.

The interior has remained unscathed. So one might wonder what makes the Thunder+ so special. It is the engine ofcourse, which has transformed from a wannabe offroader to a more than worthy offroader. The Endeavour Thunder+ makes use of the same engine doing duty with the 2.5litre version but has a larger bore and stroke, the power and torque has gone north by 8% and 15% respectively, and this is where the beauty of it all lies. The engine has been given a shine to such an extent that the moment you turn on the ignition you get the 'raring to go' kind of vibe from the car, and this just brilliant to see in an SUV.

Since the launch of the Thunder, there has been one profession, which has gone into overdrive, yes you guessed it right, the critics. They feel that the hike in price is not at par with the hike in power and performance, and raised the question if one really needs a more powerful Endeavour than the existing 2.5litre which is a scorcher in its own way. But I am certain that deep down inside, they have a soft spot for this new babe because the personality, charm and pride it projects is deadly infectious and gets to you before you can even bat an eyelid.

At Rupees 17, 32, 000 lakhs (ex showroom Delhi), the Endeavour+ is even cheaper than some of the lesser so called SUV's like the Chevy Captiva. To put it in one word, the Endeavour Thunder+ is like the automobile rendition of the famous bodybuilder turned Hollywood actor turned California Governor, and proud owner of tree trunk sized biceps, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ok that was more than one word I agree but what the heck, it's just impossible to describe the Thunder+ in one word. Go Endeavour go!!!!

Source: Full Throttle
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