Zen Meditation

Zen meditation is normally practiced sitting on a cushion on the floor. There are two main items used for zen meditation, called zafu and zabuton. Between them, they can take the edge off sitting on a hard floor surface. The zabuton is a mat placed on the floor. The zafu is a cushion that is placed on top of the zabuton. They can help to take the pressure off your legs whilst you meditate.

The idea of using cushions is to help you focus your mind on the meditation itself, rather than any aches or pains that you could experience whilst sitting on a hard wooden floor.

The aim of zen meditation is to simply sit and open the "hand" of thought. Traditionally, it is practiced in a sitting position, with folded legs and hands. Your spine is kept upright during the meditation.

There are several different sitting positions that you can take whilst practicing zen meditation. Check the internet for some illustrations if you have difficulty working out the exact posture needed.

Once you have reached your desired sitting position, half lower your eyelids so that your eyes are neither fully open or fully closed. This will allow you to stay awake whilst not being distracted by outside objects.

When you start to practice zen meditation, you will begin by concentrating. This usually involves focusing on your breath, often whilst counting. Over time, you will find that you can concentrate your mind easier each time you start to meditate.

Zen meditation is probably best experienced by joining a local group so that you can get the most out of the various teachings associated with it, together with the support that a practice group offers.
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