New Age Meditation

Many people, myself included, find that the easiest way to meditate is to simply sit or lie back and listen to a pre-recorded meditation track. There are plenty to choose from and some of my favorites are listed at the end of this guide.

New Age meditation can also take the form of a background track, which is usually one of rainfall or some other natural sounds. Behind this track, the brain is played some other sounds. These can be "binaural beats" or some tones that are designed to induce a natural meditative state without any of the hard work of actually "meditating".

Some people consider this to be cheating but personally I find it the quickest and easiest way to meditate. All you need to do is sit or lie down, place your headphones on your ears and listen. The pre-recorded track does everything else for you.

My favorite of these is the Centerpointe Holosync system, which can be found at I personally use this almost every evening before I go to
sleep. It has a number of different levels, which take you gradually deeper and deeper
into your meditative state. I've been using it now for a number of years and have noticed
lots of positive changes in myself. I'm generally calmer and more relaxed and take things
in my stride much better.

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