8. Goals Of This Section.

● To further look at the top frequently asked questions by online marketers and answer them in the most blunt, understandable and straight forward way.

● To approach and discuss the answers to the popular question number five, ‘I don't have my own product, what can I sell?'

● To squash all worries about not succeeding in such a way that your mind is clear to move forwards instead of spending your valuable time and energy thinking about stuff that might or might not happen.

● To talk about how people are making 20k+ a month, and to explain how this is totally achievable given the correct circumstances.

● To discuss joint ventures further in answering the question 'You keep talking about joint ventures, but I can never seem to score any, what gives?’

● To answer the ever popular question; ‘I don't want to create my own products, I just want to sell other peoples stuff through affiliate programs, how can I go about this?’

● To relax you and remove the problems of information overload coming up to the crucial promotion stages for your newly created products.

Greetings, welcome to the top fifteen quick fire FAQ part two, where we'll be answering in the quickest and most direct way that we possibly can, the top questions on peoples lips when they think about online marketing. We covered the top four questions in the previous report and now we're going to move on with the next six, so without further ado, let’s do it.

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