7. Summary

● Greetings and welcome to the top fifteen quick fire question and answers section, where I'll be taking some of the most frequently asked and very general questions about online marketing and answering them. These seem to be the most popular questions myself, and others, are asked, and things that I sorely wanted to know early in my career but no one seemed to have a straight forward answer for me. A frustrating experience, something we'll squash right now.

● Let’s get started with question one. How do I get hits to my site? Easily the number one question asked by online marketers because, quite simply, no hits means no sales. Something that most go about in the wrong way, or have been taught incorrectly on so many occasions, they feel dizzy from the contradictory information they've been presented with. So let’s answer this question once and for all in two parts.

● Part one is to change the question. The aim of online marketing isn't just about getting hits to your site at all, and getting a massive amount of them isn't a priority either. Ten or twenty thousands hits can easily mean $40,000 plus worth of sales for a premium product. So how do you get hit's to your site? Well you don't. How do I get quality targeted hits to my site? This is our new question addressing the more relevant question.

● Resource building is the key. It's about pulling in resources that you can use over and over again. Never letting a single contact or customer escape, keeping in regular contact and making regular deals over multiple products through JVs.

● The most expensive and hardest part of online marketing is getting customers initially, and the problem comes when someone tells you to go out and buy ads from wherever it might be, search engines, e-zines, (which you already know is not necessary). If you don't have several resource collection methods set up. You're going to have to be starting all over again with your promotion every single time you launch a product. This is the exact reason that no matter how many hits some marketers get to their sites, they will never earn more than a couple of thousand dollars a month profit, if that even.

● Problem two comes when people assume or are told that you need to get millions of hits to be a success. Not true, this is why we have intro products and follow-up products, to combat this problem of low conversion rates from people who don't know or trust you yet. The natural flow of free, to cheap to expensive sorts this problem out for you, thus recycling resources you’ve already collected without the added expense of starting again.

● Look for quality not quantity, and the answer lies in joint venturing or PPC search engines (Which is a whole other book in itself.), building these resources, and having others promote your products for you. If you're only hitting a few thousand hits per month from these joint ventures, that's not a problem, if you're pulling in those resources. Not only are they quality, but will provide long term profit and stability for your business.

Forget guaranteed hits and forget e-zine ads for directly promoting your site. They might bring your more in the way of numbers, but it is big sales we want, not big numbers. In that situation always think quality over quantity, which is what the whole of this report is teaching.

● Question Two. How do I build my list? Another of the most frequently asked questions in online marketing, because everyone thinks it's the be all and end all of their success, which it isn’t when you factor in the power of building JV contacts, affiliates and repeat custom.

● The best way to build your list is to launch your own products full stop. First, avoid anything that offers to put subscribers on your list for money. They're either paid to land on your list, age old or multiple sold subscribers that get you into trouble with your host or ISP, fake, shoddy quality and just not worth your time let alone your money.

● The way in which we're doing this doesn't involve any direct list building methods, like with all our other resources, it's much a case of launch your product, get the initial few joint ventures out and make sure that you have all your resource building tools in place and pull them in. You're not substituting sales for resources, or resources for sales, it all happens at once, and gets bigger, and bigger, and snowballs over and over, the more products you launch.

● There's no secret it really is this simple, and this is one of the rare cases where a focused train of thought doesn't work as well as working on everything at once. There's no way to separate these methods because they're all connected. Separate them and the supply of new resources that one supplies to another is broken (affiliates building your list through promoting your product for example) and you have to resort to what the majority of the people out there are doing to their detriment. Starting all over again each time they launch a product which is both expensive and time consuming, and not in anyone’s best interest no matter what the business.

● Let’s look at some numbers to back this up, starting with a simple joint venture that brings two thousand visits to your site from someone’s personal list. Two thousand isn't a lot by any means, especially not spread over multiple JV's, and it's not a hard thing to achieve. With the quality of these list types, as we discussed earlier, it's not unheard of for subscription rates to total 25% of visits if your sales copy and resource builders are doing their job.

● This may not seem like a lot right now, but when just ten small joint ventures makes a list of 5k, and who knows how many affiliates, future contacts and customers all working together. It sure adds up. Once you hit that five thousand mark you're set because each resource has already started to build the other, as long as you never separate these ten joint ventures for one product, either with new contacts, current contacts, your customers and your affiliates. Remember we talked about ramping up your commissions to ridiculous levels on your intro products? This is why.

How many visits would a measly one hundred affiliates, coupled with JV’s with the top performers, bring you? And how many out of those thousands of visits do we know subscribe to lists and free stuff? When you have some time start to work out some numbers, make them conservative, very conservative, and watch how using this system you can easily pull massive amounts of promotion power and profit from the smallest number of resources and quickly too.

● Moving onto question three. I've bought X number of guides already, why didn't they work? This is a huge question, and the people that ask this often don't realize that a whole book could be written about why other guides didn't work for them. This is why it's such a hard question to answer directly to the frustration of the person asking and the person trying to answer.

● I had a brainwave back when I started out. I just couldn't figure out why I wasn't being a success. I said to myself 'When I become a success I'm going to write a book, or a guide, answering all these questions that I can't find answers to and make sure the readers have the answers that I don't'. This was the first ever idea in my concepts folder. Six or Seven years later, you're reading one of those very manuals.

● I believe that many reports fall down for several reasons although there is, without a doubt, some amazing information out there, along with the not so amazing. Most lack clear goals for one. If you don't know where you're going, how do you expect to get there. It's like asking for directions over the phone and getting a reply like 'It's over there'. It just doesn't work.

● The second thing. Summaries. Easier to commit to memory by far. Information is no good if it's not easy to remember. These are all basic things that I've seen many guides lack and something that, I found from my very first site, can be the difference between a reader learning, understanding, committing to memory then taking action, or falling down at any of these stages stopping them from being a success.

● Next. Poor information, but not just incorrect information, worse. Ever seen those reports or bought a guide that says 'Do this, this then this, click here and then do this' and so on? Everyone comes out with the same business. Without options and only a set path to follow, and information that doesn't talk about why things happen, they don't give the reader the space to adapt over time to create their own business and carve their own path.

● Let me ask you something else. Name one thing that we've already discussed that contributes to the downfall of many marketers and blocks them from success. Anything at all. Ok now, tell me why that blocks them from success. What’s the reason that this factor stops them from being successful? How can you avoid this? Do you see how you've already gained something very important, not just information about stuff that happens, but why it happens, and by knowing why it happens, you can draw your own conclusions about how to fix it. The why question is so important but under used.

● For this reason, some may say this guide is vague, but watch closely, because what you're gaining here is not just knowledge, but the ability to understand the intricacies of each technique. This in turn shows you how to do something, why it happens and in the end, will present the conclusion to you in such a way that you can adapt it to your business rather than just being a clone of anyone’s business.

● Ok lets move on to question four. How do I get my affiliates to actually promote something? Not as heavily asked as some other questions, this is true, but that's because many don't know how to get affiliates through intro products and high commissions in the first place. Now you do, however, this question becomes very relevant.

● The answer is you can't, not always. There are two situations in which I'd like you to be careful of. The first is when an affiliate has thousands of hits but no sales. This may not actually be your sales letter or your sales process, but an affiliate without the correct resources to promote effectively, maybe spending on guaranteed hits or something to that effect. The second situation is the affiliates themselves not promoting. Don't fret if only five or ten percent of your affiliates ever actually get any hits.

Again this could be due to lack of resources, the lack of knowledge
or the lack of effort on your affiliates’ part. It's not a strange phenomenon so don't be worried when you come across it. It's quite normal for myself, and all the other marketers I remember quizzing about it when I first got a little worried after coming across it for the first time.

● You see it's not always your fault and the number of visitors brought in by the affiliates don't always reflect on the quality of your sales system. However, saying that, it is always best to check your sales system for faults if you start to see an odd number of visitors come through and a lack of sales compared to the research you did and your own findings through your own methods of promotion. It can be your fault entirely at times. Again this is when your research comes in and you have to try and figure out what turns your affiliates on. Do they need special offers of some sort? Or are they inexperienced and lacking in knowledge about how to promote in general?

● The only way to find out is to test. Send them a few offers, a few special deals that involve higher commissions the more sales they make, or even send them promotion guides and a little info about how to promote for themselves if you feel up to writing such guides. Keep in mind though, if you see strange stats, visitors to sale ratios, or people only getting very small amounts of visits, it's more often than not, not going to be your fault.

Either hit them with offers, educate them, or keep building and hold out for more of those joint ventures or people with plenty of experience and big lists and resources for promotion of their own. Aside from that, everything else is down to the individual and their skills, and pretty much out of your control, so don't be put off if your first one to fifty or so affiliates never make any sales. You'll get plenty more, again snowballing, the more products that you release.

● That's all for this section. We've got another two of these FAQ sections coming up focusing on increasingly important questions. All there to make sure you get the low-down in the most direct way possible. As you can see, there are so many aspects to each question, that's not always the easiest thing to do. See you in the next section!

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