16. Goals Of This Section.

● To answer five final top frequently asked questions by online marketers, questions which I see every day, and not many people seem to have the answer to.

● To discuss the question 'I want to learn more, and even purchase more guides and courses on specific subjects, but with all the contradictory information, how do I know who to trust?. A straight answer without the sales pitch.

● To answer question twelve, 'I don't have much cash to spare right now, how much money do I need to spend to be successful?'

● To touch on the connecting topic 'I'm a full time parent, or I work a full time job, or study, and have a busy social life. I don't have much time to dedicate to my business does that matter, and how much do I need?'

● To talk about question thirteen, 'This is my first time in online marketing, and I've never bought a guide before, or don't have much experience yet. How do I know this isn't all a scam? My friends seem to think so when I mention online marketing to them.

● To talk about the final and probably the most important question to most of you reading right now. 'How long will it take me to become successful, and can you guarantee it will happen to me?'
Greetings, and welcome to the top ten quick fire question and answer section part three. Now you may have noticed already that we've actually gone beyond the ten questions and answers that I was going to give you originally.

As I was working through some of the other manuals, it occurred to me that there are still some very broad questions that have been left unanswered. I'm sure you can relate to this, when you've been doing something for a long time and you know your way around, it's hard to explain everything to someone without skipping over some of the most straight forward points and questions. So without further delay, let’s get started on your third installment of the quick fire question and answer section.

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