So you’re standing in the aisles of your local big-box store, about to spring for a color laser printer, when you stop and think:
“I wonder if can get this cheaper somewhere else.” Frucall gives you price comparisons on your cell phone: Just call the service (888-DO-FRUCALL) and enter the product’s barcode using your phone’s keypad. Then listen to see if Frucall can find a better price.

If so, you have the option of ordering on the spot (though you need to be a registered user to do so). You can also send a text message to FRU11 with the barcode or product name and model number; Frucall will send back the results via SMS. Smartphone users can tap the Frucall site on their mobile browsers.

Frucall is free to use, though standard text-messaging rates apply if you go the SMS route.