Its amazing how alike care are to us humans. There are some humans who are born to be ordinary and fade into obscurity one day, and there are humans who are born rule the world and live on even after their death. Parallel to this, there are cars that are born to rule the world or rather the roads, and none more so than the new Honda CR-V 2.0

This new CRV is a divine angel whose magic and charm has wooed us all. And if you thought that angels couldn't be owned, I have news for you, Rupees 17,15, 000 (ex-showroom Delhi) is all it takes to take her home. I know that is not a paltry sum by any means but angels don't come cheap my friend. I consider money spent on the CRV 2.0 as money well spent because it repays us with its legendary reliability, scorching performance, superlative drive quality and the sense of security which very few cars emanate.

On the looks front, the CR-V 2.0 is identical to the 2.4 litre variant, with a curving roofline, coupe-like window silhouette, daring two-part radiator grille, big cat-eyed headlamps, towering tail lamps and a sporty cab-forward design.

The interior of the CR-V has always been the epitome of refinement, comfort and elegance, and the same can be said about the CRV 2.0. With features like dual-zone climate control, multi-function steering wheel, 8-way powered diver seat, power windows, power door locks, and an in-dash CD player with AM/FM radio, the CRV 2.0 is perhaps one of the most heavily loaded SUV in its segment. The 2-litre CR-V also boasts of ABS, EBD, dual SRS airbags and Security Alarm with Immobilizer as safety features.

The smaller Honda engine though down on power is still very impressive. It is super refined, as smooth as the finest of Thai silk neckties and has good performance to boot, especially in the higher reaches of the power band. The 1,997cc engine makes 143PS @ 6,000rpm and 190Nm of torque @ 4,200rpm, enough to propel the CR-V beyond 160kmph. From standstill the needle climbs to the 100kmph mark in just 11 seconds, revealing that the CR-V still remains a capable performer in real-world driving conditions.

In fact you will not be able to really differentiate the difference in power because of the peppy nature of the motor and the 70kg weight difference that the two CR-V variants have between themselves.

The suspension system of the CRV 2.0 remains unchanged from the 2.4 litre variant and just being driven around in the car is sheer pleasure. Besides being a passenger's delight, this Japanese bombshell is a driver's delight as well displaying car-like dynamics.

There is a tad bit of anti-climax though in the form of the 2-wheel drive system instead of a 4-wheel one, but then Honda never meant the CRV to be a thoroughbred off-roader. It has left that to the likes of Ford's Endeavour and Mitsubishi's Pajero. With the advent of the Chevrolet Captiva many believe that the Honda CR-V 2.0L has its job cut out. I don't know who will prevail in the end, but I have a gut feeling that the CR-V 2.0 is going to make Captiva's life very very difficult.

Source: Full Throttle
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