Christian Meditation

Quite simply, Christian meditation is a type of meditation that has been placed in a
Christian context.

Christian meditation goes right back to biblical times. At it's simplest, any act of worship or prayer can be likened to entering a meditative state. The Bible says that all true Christians must meditate on God's word. This means that you can use some or all of your meditation time to contemplate anything to do with your religious faith and still be in keeping with your beliefs.

Once you have cleared your mind, using any of the meditation techniques we have discussed so far, then you can focus the rest of your meditation session on worshiping God.

Most monks spend a lot of their time in meditation and have learned to speak with God during their prayer sessions. The clarity of mind that is experienced whilst meditating helps with this process.

Some forms of Christian meditation use a mantra. This is a word that is repeated during the course of the meditation. There are various mantras that can be used – you can research these on the internet to see which ones fit best with your own belief system. You should note that Christian meditation is not a replacement for being absolved from your sins. Instead, it is a tool that many Christians use to build a stronger relationship with God.

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