5. Question 3: I've bought X amount of guides before, why didn't they work?

Wow, well this is a big question. While we don’t claim to be perfect in every way to all people, there's all manner of things that I've seen wrong with other guides, but I don't like to dwell on it, I'd rather talk to you about why these manuals are different, and as far as I'm concerned they definitely are.

I had an idea a long time ago that was related to all the things I wish I knew before I started, and at different stages of my online marketing career. I decided that when I figured this whole thing out, I was going to write the biggest and brightest guide and use every piece of information I've got in my head that I've learned over the years relating to how to become successful in online marketing, and here we are, you're reading it.

What I've tried to do, and hopefully succeeded over this and the other 14 manuals, is at the start of each report, give you clear goals so that you know exactly what you're learning and why you're learning it. Also at the end of the reports we've got summary sections that show you exactly what you've learned to do. What I didn't want to happen, was to get this out on the market, and have people come to me and say that they learned nothing at all. This was the reason for this particular style of presentation.

The way in which this differs to other reports, is it plugs all the gaps in as many ways as possible. For example, how many other reports have you read that tell you how to do something but not why? How can you adapt and learn if you don’t know why you’re doing something? Or maybe they tell you why you should do something but not tell you exactly how to do it. Maybe they even tell you the how’s and whys but it doesn't work and this tells me that, there is a missing piece of the puzzle somewhere and, they haven't told you the full story.

So what makes what you're reading right now different from the others? Well it's the fact that I haven't left anything out here, and you have my word on that. There are no secrets that I don't want you to know and there's not an amount of money or success that I don't want you to have. In fact, when you get launching your own successful products and have some heavy resources on your own, I hope very much to be able to joint venture with you, and hear about your success stories, and of course for you to tell other people.

With this very guide, whilst some will say it's too vague because it doesn't tell them step by step, to click here, go here, buy this, promote that, others, which I'm hoping will be the majority of readers, will say hey, yeah, I've filled in the gaps now and I feel like I'm confident enough to go out and promote my own products that I create. Get my own contacts, my own list and stand on my own two feet. If something changes now you know why and, the details of exactly how everything works and ties into other aspects of this whole system, it allows you to change and adapt the way you do business on your own terms.

This is why I believe that you're going to find yourself in a heck of a lot better condition in a years time than if you were to buy another step by step taking you by the hand e-book that only details one input, and one outcome. This is why you're going to succeed using the new knowledge you acquire here, where others have failed, simply because you were only previously given a very shallow look at the world of marketing, and have been told that there is only one best way. Now you know different and can carve your own path using the templates given in each section throughout this particular course.

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