11. Question 7. How are people making 20k+ a month?

I can't get near that figure. That's one heck of a huge question, but I won't avoid answering it for that reason. Instead I'm going to go ahead and talk to you about the number one reason why these online marketers are out there and making their huge monthly sums of cash that most could only dream of earning in a whole year.

The first big part of this is the resources. How many people out there do you speak to on a regular basis that tell you that they can't seem to pull in enough business to keep them afloat, or to make them enough money? Even that they're confused about how the big guys can go around talking about their huge incomes when they've bought all the guides, and have this wealth of knowledge that's been passed onto them.

The big thing that you'll find most of these people are missing is the leverage and the man power. Next time someone asks you this (if they never have, they more than likely will do in the future when you start launching your own products) you ask them what they're doing to promote. E-zines will come the reply, guaranteed hits, hit exchanges, lead purchases and the like. This isn't the way of the knowledgeable online marketer, they know better than that.

Lets assume that you've set up all your sales and tracking systems, and have launched your first product or two along with an affiliate system in place, a means of list building, and keeping in touch with your customers and long term customers. What’s the difference between you and the example above? It's the leverage. When you carry out such a system and start putting your feelers out, making contacts and pulling in affiliates, you're also bringing with you a heck of a lot of promotion power in terms of the number of people promoting for you.

Let me ask you another question. If I were to tell you that you had to make twenty thousand a month for example, you have six months to achieve that status, but you have to use standardized advertising methods. No joint ventures, no affiliates, no new contacts etc. How would you do it? More to the point would you want to do it in the first place, because when you look at how things should be done, it's far easier to understand why people fail and continue to fail, whilst those of us who understand this continue to succeed over and over.

Remember we talked previously about doing things on your own. This ties into that, and it doesn't take a genius to work out that twenty people promoting your product with the same efficiency as you, at fifty percent commissions, are going to bring you in ten times the amount of sales than you would have got on your own, with ten times less expenses for you, not to mention the time it would take for you to try and do the job of ten people.

You see, when we talk about these things in this guide, we're not beating around the bush or repeating the same thing over and over again. We really are showing you what’s what, and how to succeed.

Having a bunch of affiliates behind you, backed by a number of joint ventures with their own promotion for half the profits is a good deal. When spreading your efforts like this it's far more likely that you'll succeed just because of the sheer number of people promoting for you, and the circulation your site gets.

So the bottom line, how are big marketers making so much cash every month? The answer is simple. And it's that they have hundreds upon hundreds of people promoting their products in different ways most of which mainly revolve around standard affiliates and joint ventures or they have built up the resources, more often than not through these means to have that kind of promotion power themselves. Look at this time wise on your part. How many hours a day do you work right now on your online business? I'll go for five hours for examples sake. It seems like a nice mid way between the full time marketer and the part timer.

Now how much do you earn? Let’s say again, for this examples sake, a thousand dollars a month. Ok, now how much would you like to be earning? Say you'd like 30k a month. Do you see that to make that much cash at your current level would take you 30kx5 hours in a day? So at your current level you'd have to work 150 hours a day to reach that goal, which isn't even possible. The amount of people you have behind you and promoting as affiliates and joint ventures is the key to reaching these seemingly impossible heights.

Leverage. Just because it's your own business, it doesn't mean you're the only one that’s going to be promoting it. That my friends, is how the big guys make so much money, when mathematically, looking at it from a sole traders point of view, it looks almost impossible. I assure you it's not. Understand this and you'll start to see why, and more importantly how, you can apply this to your business.

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