18. Question 12. How much money do I have to spend to be successful?

The answer to this question is, quite simply, not a lot. The beauty of online marketing is that the products that you create yourself cost next to nothing money wise. With most products, you're only paying for the time it took the seller to complete, and the knowledge or the piece of software contained within. Anyone that tells you that you have to go out
and spend a wad of your hard earned cash on any service, aside from admin of your business, and information, on how to run your business, is incorrect.

The whole basis of this report is creating a viable product in a viable market, and learning to sell it through means and methods that don't cost you any money to carry out. Of course they may cost you other things but it won't come directly out of your pocket. Let’s take a standard joint venture. Say you're selling a product with a price tag of a thousand dollars that you've created yourself in your own time. Giving that product away as part of the joint venture, although it seems like you're giving away a heck of a lot, it's not really, compared to what you get in return. It's not like a standard offline business, where you have expenses to worry about, so making a loss on a giveaway of this sort is almost impossible.

What's most important is that you don't try to do everything for free. Set aside a budget that you can afford for that year, and you'll find that most of it goes towards setting up your first product or service. Once you've done that, it becomes a case of wake up, come up with product idea, develop product, and place inside promotion system using all the software that you acquired when you first started out. Aside from this, and any other guides or software your purchase, actually getting your product out there will cost you nothing but your monthly hosting cost. ($15-$25 shared hosting or $200-$500 for dedicated hosting).

So where does it all go? How can people claim that they've lost tens of thousands trying to succeed in online marketing? Well, I myself have spent tens of thousands, but I wouldn't call it lost. All the guides, all the experiences, the product launches, the software, but in all honesty, most of what I've spent was on mistakes. I've bought guides on this, guides on that, how to’s about marketing, membership programs and so on. In my early days I also spent a lot of time being mislead by people who told me about the amazing results they got with particular forms of marketing or memberships they've signed up for, and different ways to promote my products.

You might call me gullible for spending that much, but like so many other people out there struggling for the action, I was just out looking for the answers to all my questions, and you know, I'm glad I did too, because that much money spent brought me a wealth of knowledge only a set of manuals such as this could have brought me without actually having to spend it, and of course, if I didn't do that, this very document wouldn't be here today. Sometimes it's good to screw up a lot.

Unfortunately, while we're sitting here talking about all the answers that we’ve discovered, there's still countless people out there looking for them. I wouldn't even like to guess at how many there are exactly, but the sales of info products about online marketing in particular, just keep on coming. I'm sure if everyone found their answers right away, this wouldn't be the case.

So I'll make you a deal right now. All those other guides out there that tell you to go out and buy particular products and services with your hard earned cash, whoever they're written by, put them on hold, just for a few months. Put them aside and first try what I'm demonstrating to you throughout these manuals before you go all out spending all your cash on hits or leads or anything like that. I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed, and your pockets will be a lot deeper at the end of the day too, not just through your earnings, but by how much you've saved by doing things correctly.

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