This time Helio’s impressive Ocean smart phone successor has no rumours. There are no proper details. Also it doesn’t look if there is a touch screen.But it has better camera, Flash support and there may be a touch pad.

Engadget-Mobile has managed to get its hands on a photo which shows a new silver-and-black case. It is sleek. (thin). It reminds of the new Black Berry Bold Apple iPhone, which are upcoming.

The inside news of Engadget-Mobile is that Ocean 2 is still a dual slider. One way slide opens for the numeric keypad and the other way opens for full-QWERTY action. The jumbo-sized display is not a touch screen but the navigational pad is touch-enabled.

The other features include 3megapixel camera (versus 2MP on the original Ocean) 1GB of internal memory, Flash support for the browser (like iPhone), and 30fps video recording. Be on the look out for Engadget-Mobile’s Ocean 2’s list of features is still in flux.

The date of release and the pricing is still not announced by Helio.Helio’s phone looks more like the Ocean 2has cleared the FCC in late March, while the original Ocean which was sold for $300 at the time of launch is now being sold at $99 it seem something is brewing.