In the automotive world, the Honda Accord has carved out quite a venerable niche for itself. Every conversation on the Accord invariably starts with 'ohs' and 'ahs' and ends with a sigh. Such is the magic that it has spun. You will definitely agree that it is indeed very hard to talk about the Accord without going into superlatives.

After much speculation, the all new Honda Accord has finally taken guard in India. The 8th generation Accord looks more European in character and style than the outgoing edition. It is a regal sight with its fine seamless corners, strong shoulder line and chiseled flanks. The big all new chrome radiator grill and the flashy twin-eyed swept back headlamps makes for a rather charming face, even though a tad boxy. The rear is a bit like that of the BMW 7 Series, come to think of it, the new Accord has shades of the 7 Series all over it.

The interior is exactly what it should be, luxurious, comfortable and roomy. There is more space and legroom than the outgoing edition. The soft-touch beige leather upholstery, copious amount of space and the neatly laid-out dash makes one wonder that it can't get any better than this. The wood paneled dash is not much different from the previous version except for a few deft changes. The Accord has always boasted of state of the art comfort enhancement and safety features and this been very much carried forward in the new version. This is a luxury sedan and is armed to the teeth with features like multi-functional steering wheel, integrated entertainment system, traction control, ABS, 6 airbags, EBD, climate control and rear air-conditioning panels.

The good-looks and the luxury are all good, but at the end it all boils down to one thing, the engine. In case of the new Accord, there are three petrol engine variants, 2.4 litres with an I-VETC engine, 2.4litre Elegance and 2.4litre Inspire with manual and automatic transmission. With a class leading power of 180ps channeled to the rear wheels, the new Accord is a hoot to drive and handle. The latest rendition of the much storied Accord handles even better than its predecessor inspite of an increase of 80mm and 25mm in length and width respectively. All the variants needless to say are very fast and stable, but the best thing about the Accord is the fact that fuel efficiency has improved by a good 8%. The 5 speed automatic transmission gels well with the smooth power steering. But there is a minimum amount of body roll present, and that is about the only shortcoming one can find in this venerable car.

Priced at Rupees 16.49 lakhs (Ex showroom Delhi) for the manual transmission version and Rupees 17.24 lakhs (Ex showroom Delhi) for the automatic, the new Accord is truly inspirational and carries on with Hondas tradition of improving with every new model.

Source: Full Throttle